High precision reloading presses „Präzipress“

The Präzipress series stands out due to 3 main features.



Lowest tolerances and high precision manufacturing ensure the highest accuracy between headplate und baseplate. There is only a minimum of play, which allows the sled to move smoothly.



All parts are made of carbon steel and more than sufficient dimensioned. The guiding pillars are hardened and run in brass bushings with solid lubricant embedded. Components, which contact other steel parts (dies, shell holders) are surface hardened and grinded.


Quality „Made in Germany“

The components for these presses are produced on modern CNC-machines in Germany. We make sure to use materials, tools and machines only, which correspond to our high standards of quality. There are no aluminium or cast iron parts, all surfaces are burnished and the edges rounded.


We offer 3 different versions:

Präzipress, Heavy Präzipress 120mm and Heavy Präzipress 140mm