Turban CNC Zerspanungstechnik GmbH & Co.KG

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Service overview

  • Mounting

    – Mounting of assemblies and components
    – Procurement of standard and special parts

  • Construction

    – Support with manufacturing-optimized
    – Creation of technical drawings

  • Logistics

    – Packaging
    – Shipping and transportation worldwide
    – Customs and export handling

  • Machining

    – 5-axis CNC milling up to 750x500x500
    – CNC turning up to Ø 300 x 500
    – finishing (grinding, Polishing etc)
    – Processing of all common materials
    – Tolerances up to IT5

  • Heat and surface treatment

    – All common technical and decorative processes
    – Powerful partner companies with regular deliveries
    – short lead times

Industry sectors

Mechanical engineering

– all materials and batch sizes
– recurring series parts
– diverse components of all Dimensions and materials

Automation und production

– medium to large lot sizes
– Efficient production of components of different nominal sizes through parameterized programming
– grippers, pallets, handling systems, etc.

Vehicle construction

– small to medium lot sizes
– Special parts in lightweight construction
– stressed parts made of high-strength materials
– Wear parts, decorative parts, conversions, etc.

Civil Engineering

– small lot sizes
– high strength and difficult to machine steels
– large components with high machining volume
– Couplings, load-bearing parts, adapters, etc.

Arms and Defence

Please understand that no more precise information is possible here


Below you will find some of our references and examples from mechanical and plant engineering. Due to corresponding legal agreements, it is unfortunately not possible for us to publish parts from other industries.